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  • Transaction Management

  • Fundraising

  • Investor Acquisition

  • Financial Restructuring

  • Capital Allocation

  • Seed-Stage Investing

  • Critical internal
    and external operations

  • Capital Structure

  • Investor Relations

  • Financial Planning

  • Interim Management

Enfilade Capital is an independent investment and strategy advisory boutique providing broad range of services for both young and established businesses. We see ourselves at the intersection of operational strategy in the digital age and traditional financial services. We actively invest in seed and early-stage tech start-up companies and provide support in different areas ranging from consulting and interim management, nearshoring of IT-projects to fundraising and investor relations. Furthermore, we are your reliable partner when it comes to transaction management, financial restructuring as well as capital structure composition.

We have extensive experience and in-depth expertise in a variety of industries. We are convinced that our operational know-how and proactive hands-on approach are the critical success factors for value creation to businesses in the relevant industries. Being an independent outlet, we are in a position to invest flexibly with long-term time horizon and accompany our clients throughout every development stage of their businesses. 





In times of rigged and highly inflated markets proper capital allocation is crucial for sustaining the upcoming turbulences in the financial markets, which are by many metrics already long overdue. We are convinced that at this point in time we should care more about capital preservation than outperforming the markets.


We live in extraordinary times. The giant quantitative easing programs we have embarked on are as much a monetary experiment as a sociological one. Printing and borrowing enormous amounts of money and credit without complimentary growth response (which has been the prominent case at least for the last decade) can never make a nation thrive. It brings a shift in income and wealth from some groups to other, but it inevitably impairs the prosperity of the whole nation. History shows us that it has always been that way.


In the real world, there are practical limits to growth. Beyond a certain level in any ripe system, further growth results in either obesity or severe disease. The major world’s economies are suffering from the weight of massive amounts of debt and highly leveraged paper assets. A culture of entitlement has made these debt mountains ever higher. Artificially low interest rates give rise to malinvestments – and it's global and systemic with no place to hide – it’s in housing and commercial real estate, corporate and sovereign markets, it's in equity markets. These debts will never be repaid, except in devalued money. The future is unclear but the failure of the current system seems certain.


Our society and economic model is based on perpetual and exponential economic growth. The very concept of growth is destroying ecosystems and it has been depleting both the renewable and non-renewable resources at a staggering rate. We strive for more consumption in times when we should consume less. Technology will not save the world, but it shows us the path going forward and will remain in place independent of the state of markets and political turbulences. We need more clever technology that will help us to preserve the resources of our planet while providing a wider share of the population solid foundation for existence. 



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